Current Release : v1.3

What is GSFTP ?

With GSFTP you can efficiently and reliably fetch and transmit files to any kind of Internet server using FTP or SFTP. The goal of GSFTP is to be simple and to the point. GSFTP will work with servers running on Windows and Unix. GSFTP includes what you need wrapped in an efficient and easy to use interface.

Try GSFTP, and let us know what you think. GSFTP's feature list includes:
GSFTP is a new breed of FTP/SFTP client that makes managing remote files a breeze.
GSFTP running on Mac OS XGSFTP running on Windows XP

User Comments

"If you want an easy, usable, good looking FTP client that does what it is intended to do then go for GSFTP..."
- Review
"Ive used GSFTP since its 1.0 release, and I really love it. Its simple, does the job, and works perfectly! Great app!"
- David Munch
Let us know what you think ?

Awards and Reviews rated GSFTP Superb! ( 4.9/5 ) !


Mac OS X v10.2 or higher
Windows 95/2000/XP
Java 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment v1.4 or higher

Release Notes

Download ( Click your OS logo )

Mac OS X
Windows ( see note below )

Note : Windows users will have to install the latest Java Runtime ( at least v1.4+ ). You can download the Sun JVM here.
Mac OS X contains the runtime as part of the OS.


GSFTP is Shareware and costs $18.00 US. Click here to go to our purchase page.

Click to Send Feedback On GSFTP
Click to Send Feedback On GSFTP

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